How much photographic coverage do I need on my wedding day?

Every wedding is unique, and it's difficult to find a 'normal' but if we are speaking in ideals, these are the amounts of time that are required at each 'station' of the day:

·         45mins at grooms preps

·         1.5hrs at brides preps

·         1hr ceremony & congrats

·         30mins group photo, family photos

·         45mins bridal party

·         45mins bride and groom portraits

·         45mins basic reception (this is enough time to capture the details, the entry, the people enjoying themselves) 

·         Add an additional 2hrs for extended reception (this is usually enough to capture the speeches, cake cutting, food eating, first dance)

Things that significantly impact the amount of coverage required include: long travel time between locations, a large number of family photos, a larger bridal party, the involvement of little children or animals :-) but they are so cute!!!

What is the process of making a booking for my wedding?

Well, you found me online which is a great start, because Google and I are still making friends!

Next, generally it's great to meet face to face, or at the very least have a fat chat over the phone.  The reason being, I am the ONLY person who is with you for your entire wedding day, and we both need to know that we click well, that you can trust me, and that I will make your day better (not worse)!  Also, sometimes once I have heard your ideas for your day and the photography, it becomes clear that another photographer will be much better suited, at which point I can give you some great referrals. At the meeting we usually discuss your ideas for the day and put together a timeline mud map, which helps you figure out how much coverage you would need. 

After the meeting, I do you up a quote and send through a draft contract.  If you and your partner decide to book me, you simply complete and return the contract, and pay the $500 deposit.

How do I pay you?

Thanks for asking ;-) For weddings, you pay a $500 deposit to secure the date, and then the remaining amount in two installments leading up to the wedding.

Payments can be made via direct deposit to:

JS AR Pretorius

BSB: 923100

AC: 64538466

For all other bookings payment is due on receipt of your photos (unless it is a peak booking time of the year, in which case I will ask for a 50% deposit also).