Introducing Riley Rose

It was only 2 years ago that I met this beautiful couple with their first little newborn Miss Maddie, and it is one of the great pleasures of my work to be able to witness families, like theirs, grow.  The latest addition, the adorable Riley Rose is perfect in every way, and is so blessed to be born into this home full of love and laughter.

Introducing Indiana

It was such a joy seeing this beautiful couple again, celebrating the birth of their second gorgeous girl, the incredible Miss Indiana!  And my goodness has her sister grown since I last saw her when she was only a few days old.  Where this home is short on sleep, it makes up for in cuddles and cuteness!  B+A you are doing a fantastic job!!!!

Introducing Joel - Newborn Lifestyle Shoot

This little guy won the cruisiest newborn baby award, for being an absolute champion!  After a 2 hour natural labour he then proceeded to smile and sleep his way through our photo session.  Gorgeous little features, gorgeous skin and gorgeous mum.  It was such a joy getting to meet him!  Huge congrats G&C on such a precious little boy xxx

Introducing Thomas

This gorgeous little guy is an absolute champion!! He smiled and chilled his way through this entire shoot, basking in mum and dads love and cuddles! T&N what a delight your little boy is going to be!

Introducing Logan

This little guy has the most gorgeous lips, and the cutest outfits to boot. He probably won't want these pics appearing at his 21st, but we can all enjoy them now :-)  J&D well done on your perfect little man!

Introducing Luke

This gorgeous boy was such a chilled out little soul as we all fussed and doted on him in his newborn gorgeousness.  It was my pleasure to photograph his proud big sister when she was born, which made the morning extra special!  I love how families grow!!

Introducing Dylan

I absolutely LOVE seeing a couple, turn into a family right in front of my lens.  I had the joy of photographing T&J as they prepared to meet their little baby, and now I get to capture them all getting to know each other, in those precious first days of life! 

Introducing Teagan Faith

Few babies can boast a more dramatic entry to the world!  Her brave mother endured a 79hour labour and a VERY close shave with death, before finally getting to hold her daughter in her arms, and now it looks as though proud Mum and Dad never want to let her go.  Sweet Teagan you were DEFINITELY worth the wait xxx

Introducing Elle

This gorgeous little girl already has Mum and Dad wrapped around her tiny finger.  I love getting to be a part of these intimate moments of complete adoration and awe.  A huge congrats T&B on Miss Elle xxx