Britt and Josh's Baby Bump

You would have no idea that this AMAZING mumma had one week to go when we skipped on down to their favourite fishing spot to capture them enjoying their baby bump!  Adoring and joyful is the best way I can describe these two when they are together, boldly looking forward to their lives being turned upside down in a few short days!  Britt and Josh, I know you are going to enjoy the ride!

Sorrento Beach Babes

One of the many joys of my profession is being allowed to witness couples who are deeply in love, and expecting their first baby!!  Words fall short of describing how sweet and precious these moments are.  J&A I can't wait to see how your love grows with this new arrival!!

The Lake, the Lady, the Lad and the Baby

After nine years of blissful marriage, my precious friends are expecting their first baby!! To say we are all excited would be a massive understatement!  M&L I love your love for each other, and I love how much it's going to expand to surround this little girl xxx

Sunny tummy and yummy mummy

How romantic!!! S&M got married on this beautiful beach and now a year later they get to celebrate the imminent arrival of their baby on the same shores! With a perfect sunset backdrop, love was definitely in the air.  Thanks guys, this was so much fun!  Can't wait to photograph the new arrival :-)

Sunsets and beach bumps

What takes my breath away every time, is the glow of an expectant mother who is cherished by her partner. Who is honoured, who is cared for, whose changing body is celebrated and admired by the father of her child. It makes the woman brave and exquisitely beautiful. S+B thanks for the precious time together.

Fields of Gold

I have been wanting to do a shoot at this location for years now, but it was absolutely worth the wait to see this joyfully expectant couple bathed in a perfect Spring sunset!  Thank you T&J for letting me be a part of such a special moment, I CAN NOT wait to meet the bump xxx

Mexican Maternity = LOVExxx

I have to admit I was just a little bit excited to photograph this gorgeous couple, and I love the Mexican inspiration for their shoot.  But what I didn't anticipate was what a hilarious romp this would be!  The antics going on in front of, and behind the camera were priceless (and not very grown up!!), but it goes to show that having fun is the key to some pretty stunning photos, and an equally stunning relationship!   

Woodland Love Birds

Strolling through the woods on one of those magical winter afternoons, I couldn't help but be swept up in the love that D&R have for each other, and the joy that surrounds them as they prepare for their VERY long awaited baby! Thank you both for letting me be a part of the celebration xxx