The Registry Office Wedding of Luke and Nandini

So this is basically the blog where I get a new sister!!!!!!!!!! And she is the BEES KNEES! My brother Luke, and the lovely Nandini will be having an extravagantly beautiful wedding in Malaysia next year, but instead of just signing the paperwork to get the legal stuff sorted in Oz, they thought they would let the family celebrate with them in a simple, yet seriously AWESOME Registry Office Wedding.  Can I just say, that any couple wanting a stress-free, fun and thrifty way to get married should seriously check out the Registry Office in your city.  Both the Brisbane and Perth Registry Office have stunning views, are conveniently located next to great photo spots, can accommodate over 20 guests and are absolutely no fuss! We loved our afternoon; the ceremony was over in a flash, then we all wondered through the Brisbane Botanic Gardens snapping some gorgeous moments (including trying to enact a scene from a Bollywood movie, and reconstructing one of our favourite photos from our parents wedding in the same gardens over 35years ago), before heading across the Goodwill Bridge (don't even ask about the walking frame) to an amazing feast at Ahmets Turkish Restaraunt.  A perfect way to celebrate two incredible human beings and their love for each other.  This is one very proud big sister!