Seven Reasons Why I Love A Pre Wedding Shoot

Pre wedding shoots are by far my favourite sessions, but couples often ask me why they are worth doing. So here is my list of SEVEN brilliant reasons to book one of these before your big day!

1) You can have fun and reconnect - sometimes its nice to escape the planning, and remember why you are getting married!

2) You can get comfortable in front of the camera - if you are someone who is particularly awkward in front of the lens (like I am) and you’re nervous about getting photos done on your wedding day, dismiss the fear by getting in front of a camera and seeing how much fun you end up having.

3) You can get messy! If you love the outdoors but are concerned about mixing heels with sand, and salt water with your couture gown, then have the best of both worlds by getting messy at your pre shoot!

4) You can bring along your furry friends - a wedding day is sometimes a bit too full on for your furry family member to handle, so take them to their favourite park, or curl up on the couch and get some snaps together.

5) You can do the stuff you enjoy doing together - prancing around in a suit and dress may not be what the two of you normally do together, so keep it real and let me tag along on a ‘day in the life of’ you!

6) You can go somewhere difficult to reach - maybe your faourite spot together is somewhere really hard to get to with a bridal party and wedding guests in tow, so get your walking shoes on and go off road in a pre session.

7) You can use the photos at your wedding - this is a beautiful way of visually sharing your story with your wedding guests!