Perth family photography


Scrunch each of those toes...
feel every minuscule grain of sand.
The warm, salty wind blows;
time whips through each hand.

The sun will keep count…
leave another freckled kiss.
For each trial to surmount,
there will be a taste of bliss.

So let that long hair down.
Close those hope filled, heavy eyes.
Waves crash…retreat; hear each sound.
Let only the  imagination comprise.

- Amanda Martinez

Hyde Park Family Photos

They predicted thunderstorms, but we fearlessly proceeded, and were rewarded with a glorious afternoon!  The sun came out to play as we went on an exploration expedition through Hyde Park! These kids COULD NOT be cuter if they tried, and I am stunned by their eyes every time I look at them!  H&S thank you for a wonderful time with your family xxx

Gosnells Rustic Family Photos

We found a field of golden grass with one magnificent mulberry tree in the middle of it, and we knew we had arrived at the perfect location for our afternoon of fun family photos!  We raced, we climbed trees, we rolled in the grass, and not a single juicy stain remained (a miracle in my books).  G&M it was such a pleasure spending time with your beautiful family xxx